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Visit Grubtown!

Visit Grubtown is an innovative, interactive online experience for kids launched today (29th April 2010) by Faber and Faber and Six to Start.

The site is the new online home for Philip Ardagh’s award-winning Grubtown Tales series and will draw on characters and settings from all six Grubtown books. Grubtown features six distinct locations – including the Daily Herald newspaper office, the Duckhouse/Museum and Smoky’s cinema. A new location unlocks each week, delivering special Grubtown stories in regular instalments.  Readers are encouraged to interact with characters and objects, and can discover exclusive downloads. The site incorporates audio and video, and drives users back to other books in the series.

Faber and Faber also teamed up with Newspaper Club to give children (aimed at 7 – 11 year olds) the chance of have their work published in a limited edition of 500, 16-page printed copies of the Daily Herald, which will gather the best stories from the five weeks, as selected by Philip Ardagh.

Visit Grubtown launches today, a week before the publication the new book in the series, Trick Eggs and Rubber Chickens.

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