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This is Not a Purse

To coincide with the launch of Granta 110: the Sex Issue, three short films were commissioned to illustrate features from the issue. Entitled ‘This is not a purse’, the online project was conceived and commissioned by Michael Salu, Art Director for Granta Magazine. The site hosts three short films – The Unwriteable, The Redhead and Four Animals Contemplating Sex. A fourth section of the site gives information about the forthcoming issue, event information and subscription info.

Granta aims to visually reflect what it publishes with the same integrity. In this instance Granta chose the medium of film, but it was simply to evoke the words, in a style that is relatively still and contemplative. Concepts were created for the films that are obliquely related to the written pieces, as opposed to events that actually occur in the text. The project demonstrates that literature is often the richest source of creative inspiration for a lot of visual work.

Hear more about the project by listening to an interview with Granta’s Michael Salu on Galley Cat.

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