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Songs of Imagination and Digitisation

Songs of Imagination and Digitisation is an illuminated book for the digital age, published by if:book with support from Arts Council England. Unlike more conventional books on paper, Songs of Imagination and Digitisation contains sound and moving images, involves walks and talks, even an imaginary brain made of copper plates, plus opportunities to enter your own thoughts and ideas. The book grew over a few months, with commissions and themes emerging along the way.

Writer Caleb Klaces was the first contributor. Caleb is a poet, writer and editor-in-chief of, a project that pairs poets and gets them talking in poems. He has co-authored a beginner’s guide to sustainability, published by Duncan Baird.

Poems are forthcoming or recently published in Poetry and Oxford Poetry. Blake scholar Paige Morgan is next. On 22 April 2009 Toby Jones undertook the first of three Blakean walks devised for him by Tim Wright and reported back his visions shortly afterwards.

A recent addition to the book is Paris-based artist Julie Dalmon’s slide show of illustrations for The Sick Rose.

Songs of Imagination and Digitisation was produced and curated by the if:so team: Toni le Busque, Chris Meade and Sasha Hoare.

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