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Peter James author app

Crime novelist Peter James has launched an app with a unique series design and exclusive content from his novel Dead Tomorrow.

Dead Simple, the first of the Roy Grace series, is bundled in as a free ebook and the app also has a coverflow feature allowing users to browse and buy the other titles in the Roy Grace series.

The Peter James app provides many extra features, including;

• Incident-room phone call from Detective Superintendent Roy Grace – bringing you in on the Dead Tomorrow case

• Peter James’s research notes and colour photographs

• An extensive author interview

• Previously unseen edited manuscript pages from Dead Tomorrow, featuring

Maria Rejt’s edits and showing how the book has evolved from first draft

The app will be updated with the new Peter James novel, Dead Like You, in 2010.

The Peter James Series app features in-app purchasing which means that consumers can buy all the books in the Peter James series app.

Update 2013: This app is no longer available on the app-store. This article will however remain on The Literary Platform for archival reasons.

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