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McSweeney’s Small Chair app

The Small Chair app from McSweeney’s, the US indie house run by writer Dave Eggers, is a weekly selection from all branches of the McSweeney’s family. One week you might receive a story from the Quarterly, the next week an interview from the Believer, the next a short film from a future Wholphin. Material is all exclusive to the Small Chair app and not available online. Contributors include Spike Jonze, Francis Ford Coppola and Maurice Sendak.

The app also delivers daily humour from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, specially formatted for the iPhone, along with news, updates, and announcements.

The Small Chair app provides a subscription of six months of weekly content for $5.99 (or local equivalent) and features push notifications and in app purchase. It was one of the first products in the App Store to be based on a subscription-based payment model for users. It was selected by Time Magazine for its Top Ten iPhone Apps 2009 feature.

Read more at the McSweeney’s promotional website.

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