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Alice for the iPad

The Alice for the iPad app makes extensive use of the iPad tilt functionality and allows readers to engage in the classic story through a selection of animated scenes. You can throw tarts at the Queen of Hearts, help the caterpillar smoke his hookah pipe, make Alice grow as big as a house and then shrink again, watch as “the Mad Hatter gets even madder,” throw pepper at the Duchess, and so on. This iPad app includes 52 pages and 20 animated scenes.

Each illustration has been restored from the original Alice in Wonderland book in full-colour and is now fully gravity-aware, responding to shakes, tilts or the touch of a finger. Alice for the iPad is described by its developers as a ‘digital pop-up book for a Blade Runner generation’.

The story is never the same twice, because users are guided through Alice’s Wonderland. The caterpillar will smoke his hookah in a new style when you tilt your iPad, or you can throw more pepper at the Duchess second time around – every telling of the story is a fresh experience.

Alice for the iPad is being marketed to both children and adults. Among reviews of the app, Ipadmodo calls it “One of the must buy apps for the iPad platform,” Mashable says it “Shows Why E-Books Are Cool,” and Gizmodo calls it “The Cleverest iPad Book Yet….”

See Atomic Antelope’s promotional video for more on the Alice for the iPad app.

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