Newspaper and book publishing parallels?

Just what can book publishers learn from the consumer-first approach to print and digital publishing, as recently seen in the newspaper sector?

Alongside oolipo’s James Pullin; Amelia Fairney, Penguin Group UK Communications Director and Matt Kelly, editor of The New EuropeanTLP’s CEO & Founder, Sophie Rochester, contributed to the conversation in Publishing Perspectives:

“Book publishing is often unfairly seen as not being innovative enough, yet book publishers responded quickly to the advent of the Kindle and iPad, even if those projects weren’t always successful.

“The first wave of digital startups often made the mistake of trying to repurpose content for digital. Their business models were often reliant on cooperation with publishers—and they were then in a tricky place if the publishers didn’t want to play ball. Now there are lots a new wave of startups like oolipo [which is] focusing on content-first, and Canelo, which is rethinking how we publish books….”

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