The Birthday

Sylvia van Ommen and Maurice Van Der Bij

Wingedchariot has just launched a picture book for the app store called The Birthday. Children can scroll through the illustrations and read the story in three languages: English, Dutch and Japanese, or are given the option to learn fun animal words in the three languages using the digital stickers pad.

First readers must choose their preferred language and then choose between the ‘Story’ or ‘Stickers’ mode. The ‘Story’ option encourages readers to turn the page by swiping left to right, and leads them to drag and drop to deliver the letters.

The ‘Sticker’ option enables children to resize, print and save their sticker, and then gives an option to email it to their friends.

The Birthday is the second in a series of engaging and new picturebook story apps to be released by WingedChariot. Its first picture book for the iPad, released in May 2010, was Emma Loves Pink (Piret Raud).

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