Le Monde des Montagnes

Camille Scherrer

Le Monde des Montagnes is an interactive project where readers discover the secrets hidden in the pages of an ordinary book. The shadow of a bird passes over the book, foxes’ lanterns light up the text, paper mountains emerge. The strange and magical world of the Swiss mountains is hidden somewhere between the pages.

The project was created by media and interaction designer Camille Scherrer, a design student at ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne). It was developed in collaboration with Julien Pilet, CV.lab www.epfl-ecal-lab.ch

Le Monde des Montagnes generates interaction between two originally conflicting worlds in order to create a new source of creativity – between paper and screen. It was awarded Best European Design Diploma with the “prix Pierre BergĂ©” in the DesignHuis in Eindhoven.

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