Artists’ eBooks

Artists’ eBooks wants to explore the possibilities of electronic books, to provide a platform and resources where writers and artists can experiment with and learn about these new technologies, while carrying forward the tradition of artists’ books: works of art realised in the form of a book.

It also wants to raise awareness and increase uptake of ebook technologies across a wide readership.

The organisation is interested in new collaborations with artists, writers, galleries, publishers, cultural organisations and institutions to explore the potential of electronic books.

The opening selection of ebooks includes short stories by acclaimed writer Tony White responding to existing artworks, together with notes on sources and process. But the possibilities of the format and the platform are almost endless.

The idea of what sort of work suits this medium is vast: it may be text, image, video or audio-based. The central concern of Artists’ eBooks is to see the new medium used by artists as an experimental platform for widening audiences.

All Artists’ eBooks are produced in an ePub format which you can download and read.

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